International Marconi Day 2016

IMD 2016 will take place in 2016 on Saturday April 23rd, the Saturday nearest to Mr Marconi’s birth date.

This is one week before the Easter celebrations which, in the past have caused us to vary the date in the
interests of domestic harmony as Families sometimes do not understand the importance of our operations hi hi.

hope to see everyone back on air for another superb event.

Norman G4USB

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Foundation Course to be held in September 2015

Please take action as soon as possible if you wish to take part in the new Foundation Course
commencing Saturday 5th September 2015

Foundation Course


The course will run over four Saturdays between the hours of 9.30am to 16.30pm as follows:
September 2015 on the 5th 12th 19th and the 26th

The Venue is our Club meeting place,

Gweal an Top School School Lane, Redruth. TR15 2ER

Before attending please purchase the Foundation Course syllabus Book from either the Radio Socity of Great Britain (RSGB) or via Amazon online .

Start reading the booklet before you attend as more times you read it the easier it is to understand the coursework as it unfolds over the duration of the training.

To make the training as easy as possible it is your resoinsibility to provide and bring with you to the training the following items:

A Pen & or Pencil
A Note Book or paper for note making
Your glasses if you need them to benefit from presentations projected on to a screen.

Tea and Coffee will be available, there will be a break at around lunch time when you will be able to consume the food brought from home or, if you wish there is a Co-op near the hall where food can be purchased including pastes if you fancy something warm.

The costs:

The Examination fee must be paid and this is currently £27.50. This money is forwarded directly to RSGB and covers the cost of entry to the examination and provision of exam papers etc. (Nothing retained by CRAC)

The cost of the hire of thye trainig venue is a moveab;e feast to some extent as it will be determined by the number of students taking the course with the cost divided equally between them. For example if the rent is £50 a session with 5 students each will pay £10…..

A form of identification must be presented to us at the beginning of the course and the following items are considered appropriate – Passport / Driving Licence / Birth Certificate

Please contact us to confirm your wish to attend the training sessions which lead to the examination itself by contacting either:

Ken Tarry: G0FIC: pendennis38 Phone:01209-821073


Steve Holland: G7VOH: g7voh Phone:01209-844939

This could be the fiurst step to joining a hobby that will be with you for the rest of your life and be the means of forging new friendships from not only the local area but around the UK, Europe and the whole World.

We hope to see you there.

Norman G4USB – President of CRAC

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Photographs of the IY0GA operation

Hello Norman
We send to you photos by IMD 2015 Marconi Memorial Station IY0GA from Capo Figari – Golfo Aranci – Sardinia Island Italy Team From ARI Section Olbia

73 Roberto IS0JMA

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4M5M – Card

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GB4MHS – Card

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IY0IMD – 2015

Photographs taken on April 25th at IY0IMD

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Following a series of communications with the Secretary of this Marconi Group in Caracas, Venezuele I am pleased to confirm that their participation in Internationla Marconi Day has now been formalised and that the call sign is considered to be an official one where the award is concerned. The call will qualify for the 2015 award of course.

A a group they are representing Marconi’s activities in South America ans the South Atlantic.

The Group have been active every year since 2008 and have a super signal here in the UK. I talked with them at around 0120z on the 25th and arranged contact to formalise their joining the IMD family.

Welcome gentleman, I hope we will have many years association with you in the forthcoming events.

Norman G4USB

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WK3N News

You may receive similar if you worked them on April 25th

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IY1MG – NOT an official IMD award station

I became aware of IY1MG’s operation during the event as they had a lovely signal here. I spoke to them and asked if they wished to be added to the official station list but received no answer. Following the even I contacted them via e=mail and received the following response:

“This is to inform you that the special callsign IY1MG has been assigned as a special call only for the 25th april 2015 in order to commemorate the anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi’s birth, but this station was not looking for any award; sorry for misunderstanding “

They have declined my invitation to join the IMD family.

Should your award claim include their call and just 14 more we will take this into account and, issue an award as if they had been official as this seems the most appropriate action we can take.

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GB2GM operating IMD 2015

Poldhu operating IMD 2015, you will hear them acknowledging calls but somehow managing to ignore Gus M5GUS from Threemilestone. Well done on claiming the award again this year Gus you have a good few now.

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