Not taking part in 2015

unfortunately TF3IMD will not be active this year. I did hope we could but it will not be possible.

I am certain that we will be active next year, possibly from a new location (the location of the old Reykjavik station that was established 1912 – more about that later).

GL in the event

73 Villi TF3VS

TF3IMD organiser

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Confirmations and New stations for IMD 2015

EI1K – Ballybunnion Co Kerry Eire
Repjoin us after a long break, welcome back as an official IMD station.

GB0GPF – Helens Bay, Crawfordsburn, Northern Ireland
New for 2015.

Grey Point Fort is a WW1 Coastal Defense Battery located in Helens Bay Crawfordsburn N.I.and is the home of Grey Point Fort Amateur Radio Society. Marconi equipment was used during WW1 to communicate with other batteries around Belfast Lough and ships of the Royal Navy operating as examination vessels to protect Belfast Lough. we also have Marconi equipment on display in radio museums on site

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Confirmation for IMD 2015

SONRA will operate this year from our station VO1BZM at the Admiralty House Museum.

Cabot Tower is closed temporarily due to severe water damage this past winter.


Doug Mercer VO1DM

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Lodovico refers to Radio Rivista

in order to remember our kind friend Geoff Chance – M0GRC -and praiseworthy CRAC Voluntary for IMD, I considered my duty to recall this important 28° Event, by the italian RADIO RIVISTA issued this month.

73 de I4CDH / IMD, Lodovico Gualandi – Bologna.

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Confirmations for IMD 2015

GB4MPC – Cullercoates

Glad that we can again be on the air with our historic callsign GB4MPC which we’ve held since our 1st operation in International Marconi Day.

Group Name Call Sign and Location: GB4MPC – Tyne Volunteer Lifebrigade Museum

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Confirmations and New Stations for IMD2015

With just over a week to the event we have the following confirmed:

G2LO – Daventry
We will operate from within the Arqiva Daventry transmitter site using our club call G2LO.
The original 2LO transmitter was stored at Daventry for many years and is now on loan to the
Science Museum, so that’s our main ‘Marconi’ connection. And of course we still operate lots of
Marconi transmitters, including the UK’s unique higest power 500kW Tx on 198kHz at Droitwich
and many 50kW MF transmitters throughout the country – some of them 35 years old and still going!

Group Name Call Sign and Location: Ariel radio Group (Transmission), G2LO, Daventry

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OE3KJN & AI6HN Special Event Station IMD 2015

I have created my own website for this event:

73s Herbert OE3KJN & AI6HN

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Less than 2 weeks to the event

Well here we are its Sunday 12th April and two weeks from now the International Marconi Day will have ended.

There are still many of the IMD official stations from which we are seeking confirmation o participation in the event on April 25th.

May I please ask that you take the time to ping a registration to me via the site or, by sending an e-mail to me if that seems too difficult! I need to have them with me within the next 10 days to ensure inclusion in the updated official station list on this site.

If you read this and you are involved with one of the IMD stations please take the time to check you have registered for the 2015 event to ensure inclusion in the confirmed list of groups taking part.

Many thanks for your compliance.

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Confirmations for IMD 2015

This is a first for 2015, a station operating/MM. The initial request for consideration read:

Dear Norman,
I will be part of the crew for an Atlantic crossing with a sailing Yacht Sun Odyssey 439 starting in Antigua on 18th April until 23rd May at Horta/Azores.
Since I am member of Marine Funker Club Austria and member of AMERC providing Marine Radio Trainings for the it would be a great honour for me to take part in the IMD 2015 and I apply for being an Award Station for the 2015 IMD.
My Call Signs are OE3KJN and AI6HN.
I will take my FT100D with me for the Atlantic crossing, but providing radiotelephony only.

We put our thining caps on and realised that Marconi was continually carrying out
experiments from his yacht Elletra as he sailed around the globe and most certainly one of the
location would have been the Atlantic. Quite a large site but there you have it-The Atlantic!

We also hjave two calls for the price of one here too:

from 00 till 12 UTC I will use AI6HN/mm and

from 12 till 24 UTC I will use OE3KJN/mm

during that day.

This is relating to the fact that Marconi was connecting Europe and America with wireless technique.

73 de Herbert OE3KJN or AI6HN

Welcome aboard Herbert, sail safely.

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IMD 2015: Video

A message from Fabio

look this site
There is the story of Italian Marconi Radio Station.
On the occasion of the 28° International Marconi Day 2015 we organized the 1° Marconi Sprint Contest restricted only to italian amateur radio.

good IMD 2015

Fabio IZ0QPO
IY0IMD Call Manager

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